My name is Violet Shearer, and I've been an Energy Flow Designer since 2009.  I love to organize, whether that's 150 voice choirs or under the kitchen sink.  My friends and colleagues learned early on that I'm a bit of a natural at practical problem solving and creating calm out of chaos, and my business has evolved from there.

A music educator by trade with many years of experience organizing classrooms, timetables and unending throngs of students of all ages, I apply all the skills of a patient teacher with a creative flair and a cheery disposition to my practise of Energy Flow Design.   I really enjoy helping people and revel in the empowerment they feel when they've overcome an obstacle, or mastered a new skill.

Payment for services rendered is rooted in a gifting economy.  The average cost for professional organizers is usually between $60 and $90 per hour these days, and I do accept gifts of cash. However, I will also consider "payments in kind" if a reasonable exchange can be agreed upon in advance. Everyone has gifts to share, and a gifting economy enables more people to access the services they need, irregardless of their finances.

​My motto is "live smarter, not harder".

Meet the Designer

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