Ene​rgy Flow Design

​What is Energy Flow?​

Qi, or chi in English translates to life force, or energy flow.

In Energy Flow Design, we work towards improving the energy flow of a client's life, be that time, money, space, etc. It can be as simple at cleaning out closets and creating calendar reminders, or as complex as determining the best choices for a household renovation and making long range life plans.  Qi is like a river; to be healthy it needs to be moving, otherwise it becomes stagnant and stuck. 

Energy Flow Design is a co-creative process.  I work with the client to identify and unblock stuck areas and processes in the client's life, which can be detailed and specific, or general and broad.  Then we work together to remedy the situation, which increases the likelihood of lasting results.

Some of the work my clients have asked for help with have included:

~Home and school time planning

~Classroom layout to improve classroom management

~Kitchen and food prep. organization

~Room layout and interior design planning

~Management plan for large scale household renovations

~Home Health and Safety

~Emergency Preparedness

~Wardrobe overhauling

~Creating long range life plans

~Shopping at Ikea and assembling furniture

~Basement flood damage prevention

~Household waste management systems

~Financial organizing and planning

~Improving family and personal relationships

~Downsizing, especially in preparation for retirement

​~​Clearing out clutter and putting up shelves

~Simple and maintainable personal organizing systems

~Facilitating ease of computer use

~Home staging in order to sell the house

~Assembling home entertainment systems

This is by no means an exclusive list.  As clients understand and embrace the Energy Flow Design process, they become empowered to be able to self identify other stuck areas in their life, and apply what they have learned in the co-creative process.  The Energy Flow Designer often then becomes an Energy Flow Coach, working towards client independence in maintaining a good and balanced flow of Qi in the practical areas of their life.